Himeji Castle’s back parlor-like”400-year-old inn Tetsu-juro”【former Oguni’s residence , history of the building】

The 400-year-old nationally registered tangible cultural property accommodation facility ‘Tetsu-juro’.
Former Oguni house is the birthplace of Tetsu-juro Oguni, who’s family was village headmen during the Edo period. He was executed as a substitute for farmers during the Bantan Uprising in 1871. This place is also known for a clinic which contributed to local medical care from the Meiji to the Showa period. This inn was named after Tetsu-juro.

In 2007, the main house, row-house gate, clinic and earthen walls were registered as a National Cultural Property for the first time in Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo Prefecture.

【About the room】

  • Living room 8 tatami, bedroom 8 tatami, Japanese-style room 8 tatami, Japanese-style room 6 tatami, entrance hall (for displaying piano, books, etc.) 8 tatami, 2 toilets, bathroom.
    Renovated into a comfortable space so you can relax and enjoy the history.
    We recommend the half-open-air bath. Enjoy a luxurious relaxing time while being enveloped by the scent of hinoki cypress.
    *As this is a kitchenette, we do not offer full-scale cooking, but there are meal options to choose from, so please inquire for details. (Please apply at least 2 days prior to check-in)

【How to spend time at former Oguni’s residence】

The organic café Farmer’s Gohan Kotohogi and the bakery Hitothubu, located in a separate building on the premises, are also recommended!

Reservation required

Aroma massage

Foot massage

Flower lesson


Light mountain climbing  ・Mt. Kamusaki ・Mt. Nagusa 【Japanese culture experience】

We offer the following trial courses:

  • Experience wearing a kimono
  • Tea ceremony experience
  • Fresh flower experience
  • Earthen wall repair experience

【 Access 】

Car: Himeji Castle 25 minutes,

Train: Himeji Station to JR Fukusaki Station (25 minutes)

*1 km, 14 minutes walk from JR Fukusaki Station (pick-up and drop-off available,

reservation required) 【About Fukusaki Town】

Fukusaki is also the birthplace of Kunio Yanagida, the father of Yokai research. It is fun to spot the many yokai that live in the town, such as the kappa Kajiro in Tsujigawayama Park and the yokai bench!
【 Surrounding tourist spots 】